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House Meetings

Event Chair: Jane Zande


House Meetings Strengthen our Community

Congregation Beth Israel is holding House Meetings along with 45+ other faith based institutions in the Greater Hartford area. This is part of our work with the Greater Hartford Interfaith Action Alliance (GHIAA).

A House Meeting is a gathering of a small group of congregants, right now virtually. House Meetings provide an opportunity to get to know each other more deeply and to engage with one another, especially around common issues that we all contend with across our congregations and towns. These kinds of conversations provide a way to support each other and to build more solid relationships.

The focus of House Meetings are your stories. Everyone has a story worth sharing and being heard. Are you worried about an issue that is affecting you or your family? Did you have an experience in your past that impacted you and that you now see happening to others? What do you feel needs to be changed?

House Meetings are non-partisan. They are not a place to opine on national social issues. They are not a place to judge. The goal is to listen to others and then share experiences that have personally affected you.

House Meetings are more than just sharing stories, though. They can lead to action. As we converse, we can imagine change — especially how our neighborhood, city, or region could be more just. The goal of a House Meeting is to discover common issues affecting us that, if we organize together, we can do something about.

We are organizing these meetings during the darkest days of the year so we can bring light, joy, and warmth into our homes and into our community.

Although this pandemic keeps us from reconnecting with each other in person, virtual House Meetings  still give us the opportunity to prioritize what is important - our relationships. When we are work on our relationships, our sense of belonging is strengthened, and we can create a supportive and connected community.

We hope you will participate!


January 30, 2022
House Meeting
Start Time: 10:30 am
End Time: 11:30 am
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