Work with a local artist to design and build your own Chanukiah when the pressure’s off!

Wednesday, February 27th at 6:00pm (rescheduled program)

Karen Rossi is a local artist highly regarded for her original metal sculptures and her whimsical characters of hobbies and professions, known as “Fanciful Flights”. Participants will make their own Chanukiot using one of Karen’s metal templates. Participants will choose their design in advance of the program, and are invited to bring broken jewelry, buttons and other charms to personalize their Chanukiah. Space is limited so reserve early! Get ready for Chanukah 2019 while the pressure is off! Cost: $35 per person. Advance reservations are requested by February 15th. To reserve your spot, please send a check to the CBI office (payable to Congregation Beth Israel). Reservations are accepted only with payment.